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Club Cal-Neva-Virginian
Hotel and Casino

Club Cal-Neva-Virginian Hotel and Casino's sports and racebook has been voted BEST Sports and Race Book in Northern Nevada for SIX consecutive years and was chosen by the Las Vegas Sun as having "the best parlay card odds".

The sportsbook now features In-Game Wagering. Another innovation is Rapid Bet Live, a real-time computerized betting system that allows sportsbook patrons to place live action wagers on various betting propositions throughout an entire game. On average, patrons will be given the opportunity to wager on 30 to 50 propositions during a sporting event, so customers can watch the action live, place their wagers, and get immediate results.

Betting propositions include: will the next score be a two-pointer, three-pointer or turn the ball over, or will the next pitch be a ball, strike, or hit, or will the team with the ball get a first down, kick the ball or turn the ball over, or who will be the next player to score a goal in a hockey game.

The sportsbook also offers contests like the "2008 College and Pro Football point spread contest".

Meanwhile, Club Cal Neva's Racebook offers all major tracks and is one of the largest in Northern Nevada. It also features non-Para mutual betting as well as a daily double Q.

Club Cal-Neva-Virginian Hotel and Casino Contact Details

Address: Club Cal-Neva-Virginian Hotel and Casino
38 E. Second Street
Reno, Nevada 89505
Phone: +1 +1 (775) 323-1046

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